Ties are now 20% cooler.

So when I was traveling to Rotterdam with Rodi and Tamara, for some reason the conversation turned to ponies and how there’s barely any cool merchandise. Rodi mentioned he wanted a pony tie. A crocheted tie, cause those are totally cool (apparently).

Well, you can’t really mention a crocheted pony tie around a crochet-obsessed brony (or pegasister, I believe is what they call the ladies these days?) without anything resulting from that, so a few days after Tsuna we started mailing back and forth a bit about the actual design. And about a week later, this was the result:


Isn’t it just brilliant? I’m really happy with how it turned out. :D

I’d been researching tapestry crochet a bit a while ago (www.tapestrycrochet.com has some pretty nice video tutorials) and figured this was a very good occasion to try it out. I’ve seen a few different techniques for flat tapestry crochet, but decided to use the left-handed one in the end because I just couldn’t get the backwards stitch to look the way I wanted it to. For the left-handed technique you basically work every other row with your non-dominant hand, because that way you don’t have to turn your work and always have the front of the stitches facing you.
It took a hell of a lot of practice and caused both my hands to hurt now, but I think the result is totally worth it. ^_^


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