Hatsune Miku

She’s finally finished! This was the next big project I was working on: the internet phenomenon Hatsune Miku. <3 It’s not like I’m a big fan or anything, I just know her from all the internet memes and thought her design was awesomely cute.


Overall I’m pretty happy with her, although there are some little things I could’ve done differently (which, of course, I realized too late). I went for crocheted tails instead of loose strands because I saw with Enphy that long tails made like that will quickly become a mess and won’t become pointy at the bottom like real hair does. So I did get the shape down nicely this way, but it does look a bit off to use two different techniques for the hair, so I might just try and see if I can just make the tails with yarn strands and find a way to fix em into shape in the next version.
The shape of the collar isn’t exactly right either, and even though it doesn’t really show in this picture, her eyes are a bit too low which makes the forehead bulge a bit forward, which is, hmmm, not entirely correct. ^^

But yeah, despite all the perfectionist whining there, I do adore her. Lots. :)



  1. Kerin says:

    Heyy you sell these dolls you made ? Vocaloid fan here :d i would really buy them if you are selling especially is it’s Luka , another member of vocaloid

    • Rianne says:

      Yes, I sell most of my dolls. I currently have a Miku available in my Etsy shop, but no Luka yet, sorry! I am planning to make other Vocaloid members soon though. :)

  2. rachmanbobo says:

    cool miku crochet..

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