Well, here it is, my biggest project so far: a doll of my mage. :D This darling has been on my to-do list for ages, but I knew it would be pretty challenging so it took me some time to figure out how to make everything.

My biggest problem was the dress with all its details. Because crochet stitches tilt slightly to the right it’s pretty hard to make patterns, especially symmetrical ones, which made me doubt if I should do all the patterns by color changing them into the dress or sew them on later. I decided to go with color changes in the end, with some of the smaller details embroidered and surface-crocheted on.
The slant is still slightly noticeable in the skirt, but I’m insanely proud of how well the bodice turned out. ♥ At some point I was working with three colors in the same round and since I carried them instead of fastening off every time, that meant I had three skeins of yarn being tangled up together, such fun!

Another problem were the shoulder pads, but that turned out to be easier than I expected. Two flat triangles with a little metal wire in them for the shape worked out just fine. :)

I’m really happy how well all the little draenei-specific details worked out, like the tail, horns  and face tentacles. It really makes her my little Enphy. ♥

Yup, she definitely beat a lot of my crochet projects records, with the most notable being ‘most fun’, ‘most frustrating’ and ‘proudest I’ve ever been of an ami’. :D


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