furrrtinyMy name is Rianne, also known in most online places as Enphra. I’m 26 years old and live in the Netherlands. I’m an indie game dev by day and yarn crafts enthusiast by night.
Pink Penguin is a blog & showcase for my crafty things, including (but probably not limited to) crochet, knitting, and spinning.

I started making amigurumi in February 2011. I was browsing around for custom-made shiny Umbreon plushies (one of my favourite Pokémon) and stumbled across a pattern for a crocheted one. My immediate first thought was “I can totally learn how to make that myself” and started looking for crochet tutorials, a hook, and some yarn. I’ve been hooked to this hobby ever since (pun intended).

Over the years I also learned how to design my own amigurumi instead of following a pattern, which opened up a whole new side of crocheting to me. It’s so much fun to see an idea and a little concept sketch turn into a real three-dimensional plushie.

Sometimes I sell some of my crafted items, mostly because I love creating things but quickly realised I’d be drowning in my crafted stuff pretty quickly if I kept it all for myself. So in August 2011 I joined Tegendraads, a group of crafty people with a common interest in manga/anime and Japanese culture, and we usually have a small stand to sell our crafts at several Dutch anime conventions.