I started making amigurumi in February 2011. I was browsing around for Umbreon plushies (one of my favourite Pokémon) and stumbled across a pattern for a crocheted one. My first thought was “I can totally learn how to make that” and started looking for crochet tutorials, a hook, and some yarn. I’ve been hooked to this hobby ever since.

Over the years I also learned how to design my own amigurumi instead of following a pattern, which opened up a whole new side of crocheting to me. It’s so much fun to see a little concept sketch turn into a real three-dimensional plushie.

Sometimes I sell some of my amigurumi, mostly because I love creating them but quickly realised I’d be drowning in my ami’s pretty quickly if I kept them all for myself. I’m a member of Tegendraads, a group of crafty people with a common interest in manga/anime and Japanese culture, and we usually have a small stand to sell our crafts at several Dutch anime conventions.