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  • All the Frogs

    Jul 31 / 2014

    Sometimes I just come across patterns I fall in love with at first sight. Heidi Bears’ African Flower animals are a good example, and I recently found the most adorable frog pattern by Stip & HAAK. His derpy face is just the cutest, I had to make one myself! Being a designer I just love …

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  • Tiny Turtle Pattern

    May 06 / 2014

    So I’m currently busy making a ton of turtle keychains for Animecon. I’ve made some before based on KristieMN’s Tiny Striped Turtle pattern, but have slowly changed so many things about it that it’s almost a whole different pattern now. So I figured I’d share, if anyone is interested. :) For the shell I mostly …

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  • Vertaling: Fleegle’s hiel.

    Apr 03 / 2014

    (Sorry English readers! This post is about a Dutch translation I made for knitting Fleegle’s heel, so quite obviously it’s gonna be a Dutch post. ;) ) Een poosje terug had ik op Ravelry een discussie met een paar mensen over manieren om de hiel in een sok te breien, en Fleegle’s hiel kwam ter …

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  • More socks. Always more socks.

    Apr 02 / 2014

    Uuuurgh, the last two weeks have been terrible. I’ve been sick as a dog. x_x It’s technically just a cold, but a pretty damn heavy one, so I didn’t really get much crafting done. I’ve spent most of my time just sitting here like a zombie and watching Doctor Who. I figured it was finally …

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  • Cupcaketurtles

    Mar 19 / 2014

    Welp, today’s WIP is sort of sad news. I’m going to have to frog some old work. :( I made these cupcakes and this purse almost two years ago but they are just not selling. It makes me sad. D: So I figured it’s finally time to give up and make something else from this …

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